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Sonia Laroussi

Hello and welcome to my blog to slim down without ever making system!

My mission is to help you lose weight without any plan to reveal your true beauty.
I am coach slimming and motivational. A graduate of State fitness, I worked with hundreds of people in coaching minceur and made lose hundreds of women across Europe since 1997.

I am even a former « fat » and so I know the difficulties that arise when you want to lose weight but also enjoy life.

Creator of the method « Lose weight release » method to lose weight without dieting, author of the blog and the digital book « Free plan » (on Amazon) I also animated a YouTube channel to help you lose weight especially without frustration and get the weight you want!

I help those who have difficulties to lose weight, lose their overweight thanks to effective techniques.

With over 15 years of experience in the middle of the fitness and graduate of State, I put a point d honour to concentrate on the SLIMMING results of my clients, while being in the best of shape.

I worked as a manager in a fitness center in shape and rehabilitation in Norway where I live 10 years with my Norwegian girl.

Originally from Saint Tropez, I travel often in France and in Paris for training and coaching.



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