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The wise way for easy weight loss

The wise way for an erte weight easy and especially at its own pace.

I started a practice yoga and meditation 3 weeks ago to pursue my flexibility challenge ending in February 2017 (read more here about my grand-gap challenge) because I was not moving, or rather I remained flexible and seeing the time scroll quickly. I then started this discipline in the hope of quicker results.
And it's interesting me more about this activity that I have noticed that there is little or no overweight people who practice yoga or meditation.

Also, have you noticed this? For my part, I have observed that people who practice yoga (regularly) looked good in their bodies and often have a thin and toned body.

It is for this that I decided to do some research on it and write for you a few items this season on all gentle methods that help to lose weight without pain and with serenity.

The wise way for weight loss:

The easy way for a weight loss ultimately, smart and to his pace.

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga for weight loss


Lose weight for good without any pain!

For most of us, novices to this practice, meditation is sometimes seen as a practice only destressante, beneficent and inaccessible because it takes a lot of time and whose benefits are only for the spirit and not our physical body.

There is no need to become a Tibetan monk, Don a toga or get in the lotus position – which I recall is impossible to perform without some flexibility.

Because when you want to lose weight, you never think this practice but rather to control what you eat and start a program of intense physical training.

The way of slimming without pain.

The way of slimming without pain.

Yet, as I explain in some of my videos on my youtube channel or in my previous articles, the fundamental step and number 1 is our mind. Without motivation, diligence, perseverance and will, we can't.

How meditation helps you transform you physically and lose weight?

When we start a classic weight loss program, you start dieting or eating a little better and also physical activity, which is beneficial and gives results. But we all know as and measure of time, weakens the motivation, perseverance subsides and good habits of departure fall into oblivion.

Failure is almost routine in most conventional methods of weight loss.

Now, imagine that you begin a weight loss program and that you keep the motivation high, both for the practice of your sport than your diet and your perseverance is continuous and flawless. It is certain that you will get the results you want with the ideal weight and your line finally found.

The benefits of meditation in the form of a sense of serenity, which will help you find inner peace. You will learn to control your breathing, which will give you control of your thoughts. The focus is always on our body and listening.

Our will grows, our perseverance will strengthen and motivation will remain stable for losing weight. The story of mantra that can help a lot simply to create and recite aloud.

Keep in mind that meditation can become a powerful tool for losing weight, as well as eating. And it's not the eating anything then to meditate in the belief that a miracle will occur on your line. It is rather to change philosophy of life completely because meditation is a State of awareness of the present moment permament. It encourages self-esteem and inner peace because silence acceptance, we listen to all messages of our body, our mind and our heart.

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The Detox method for weight loss

Detox method became very fashionable to lose a few pounds or to deflate quickly and we use it for several reasons.
This summer I have wanted to try different treatments to see if it worked and if this
m´apportait something more in my body and even eliminate fat.


What's a detox?
And what is the difference between a home detox treatment and made a detox that shithole?

If you want to know more it is simple and easy to find thousands of articles on this topic on the internet, but to summarize quickly and quickly:
A detox is a cure which has for objective to eliminate the waste and toxins from the body.
A home detox is when we're getting drinks detoxifying yourself, otherwise you can also buy them in pharmacy or health food store in different forms (capsules, powder, mixtures of plants etc.)

In short I am finally ready and motivated!

Watch your toxins!
Cure 1 2 days: lemon and tea fennel detoxifying and slimming from Pukka.  Nothing else.
Cure 2 3 days: cabbage soup and greenery (I didn't drank that broth)
Cure 3 2 days: lemon + hot water and 2 light meals per day for 4 days.
Cure 4 3 days: total fasting (without water or food)

Detox to test.

Detox treatment

Conclusion and results of the detox cures:
First of all I would like to point out that I did not cures them one after the other… No, it would have been impossible for me see my important physical activity dangerous for the first time. So I made them with intervals of a few weeks between each detox treatment.

The cure 1 lemon and tea me has much relaxed but nothing obvious on the stomach or hips. The cure soup gave me very hungry and saw I saled a lot (a bad thing!) I was drinking much water and so wee every 2 minutes.

Finally the lemon cure me has removed ' hunger in the morning (did you try to eat after a pure lemon juice? impossible for my part) and results on the immediate stomach!

But the best cure I finally found that suits ME best is young. To my great surprise, because I didn't take more than one day, but I managed 3 whole days without swallow! And I could have do even better but this should not be the first time.

Conclusion: nothing of is buy of products expensive for a sometimes seen detox that young was the most effective for me. I felt light and above all I had this feeling of hunger after the 2nd day! So easy to do.

Note! I point out that I am in perfect health and that the young should be taken very seriously before starting such an approach when you want to slim down or deflate. And I urge to seek advice from your doctor before.

Give me your opinion in the comments and let me know if you have tried and what you think.

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Strength training or cardio to lose weight faster?

Should we turn to weight training or even to run 1 h to lose weight faster? As-is who really is the most effective?

First of all a small recap of what is building muscle and cardio trainning.

  1. Muscle building or strength training is a process by which we're going to work with the resistance our muscle groups (with or without weights) to create a body toning and a modeling at the level of the silhouette.
  2. cardio is an activity that will use oxygen to provide a long-term effort. For this the body will use FAT and sugar as a source of energy. So burn calories but also tone the body to a degree different from strength training.

But in 2 cases the body will use as source of energy the sugars and fat second. Logically one would believe so that the fat is more quickly relocated and burn if you do cardio?


Lose weight and brushing your teeth, a report? YES

HA this is still a joke you tell me! SE brush their teeth and diet, you don't see the report would you say, well let me me explain now: If we don't brush your teeth every day, so what (s) risk (s) take you? Now you see what I mean? Not yet? Well, I'll explain everything in this little short super article 🙂

This morning, my shopping at the supermarket and by not buying that great things healthy and good for the body – no kidding, I assure you, I am normal and I eat almost everything – I catch a conversation between two people talking together as they came to be and I must admit that this kind of conversation made me bristle hairs. You will immediately understand why do with teeth.


brushing your teeth to lose weight?

Lose weight and maintain her teeth

Dialogue between the two women in the supermarket:

Girlfriend in sportswear: "Hello, how are you? It sees you in the gym sessions… did you stop?"
Girlfriend held city: "Ah well, no not at all!" I'm on vacation for 4 weeks, that's why."
Girlfriend in sportswear: "Oh ok, I understand, go after then?"
Girlfriend in street clothes: "Yes, of course, just a few days after, the time I reorganized myself and I come back even more to bottom, ahaha!"
This apparently banal conversation for a any person, was almost unbearable. Actually, there are 3 things that shocked me in this conversation and I am sure that you will understand me.

The first: How can we move a regular workout each week year-round to do anything for 1 or 2 months under pretext of vacation? I would think the opposite. More free time then more physical activities. Not necessarily intense but for example 20 minutes a small gym workout at home more for example.

The second: this woman was apparently his vacation in the same area where his gym centre. She wasn't in the Peru or Central Africa or here, I could understand that she is absent from his regular gym centre.
The 3rd thing I have trouble understanding it is the reaction of his girlfriend: "Oh yes I understand!" How can we understand it? She must do the same!  It is really illogical in my opinion and I will never understand these people who stop long weeks then return with intensity by attacking their body because they have lots of remorse and guilt of doing nothing all the while.

Did you brush your teeth all year? This is part of a healthy lifestyle, normal, right? So why should you stop under the pretext of vacation or a break? You now see the report? If you pay attention to your health life and cleanliness throughout the year, why should you stop when you rest, holiday or a break?

It is not while brushing the teeth for 3 months of the year for an hour and intensely than the risk of caries will not occur the rest of the year. And besides, what a smell if you forget only 1 day! Not to mention that even you have bad not one person for you! It is the regularity of this action in the long term that matters.

Makes me think about people who eat only green salad all week and who, arriving on weekends, pounce on any food and junkfood for then to restrict even more severely. These people are the yoyo all year and never come to stabilize their weight and their State of form.

Why not a balance to all of this and keep a steady pace throughout the year? I would love to have your opinion on this topic so please comment and share this article!

Bad joke of the who. : "Stop the bold, move and you lose weight"

The official site of the who. (World Health Organization) to observe statistical evolution of overweight, I read with dismay a few lines that show readers the real causes of overweight. And there I see a total absurdity which dates from 70-80 years and continues on this official website!

The origin of overweight and obesity in the world is fat and lack of physical activity.

So if I summarize: for O. M.S., would suffice to stop eating fat and go to the gym to lose weight. Simple, right? And sugars? No, nothing, absolutely nothing! Yet, I scoured the entire paragraph. No sugar is apparently ok.

And of course these causes are due to our evolution of the ' modern man and his daily life, transportation, computer, etc.

So for all those who are not yet aware listen carefully:
This info is totally obsolete and therefore false since the latest research gathered scientists and nutrition experts confirm that the obese population doubled between 1997 and 2010 and so grew even faster because of this advice and the real causes are neither fat (it helps even a weight loss) and even less a lack of activity.

And here I have a question: how a body such as the who. can say also outliers that things?
And it's in moments like this that I really realize that food education and healthy lifestyle must be done by other competent and professional people and not by State associations.

Because of dangerous information like this, the world will only continue to grow, so I say STOP!
Summarize the real causes of overweight and obesity not according to my instinct or data dating back to 1900, but my professional experience as a diet coach for almost 2 decades, but also according to nutritionists and specialists of weight and competent doctors since their customers are happy and thin today.



Sugars and overweight

Sugars: the true cause of overweight


The refined sugar or sugar to high glycemic index: all sugars like cakes, sweets, chocolates or sugary drinks lead to a brutal secretion of insulin, the hormone that regulates blood sugar levels and the storage of fat. It therefore promotes weight gain. Carbs also like pasta, bread and all (even complete) starches make you fat.

2 – The bad fats or saturated and industrial fats often hidden like cheeses, creams, refined oils, sausages, all ready-made foods and food industry…) Unfortunately, the list is long. And paradoxically, some fats are very useful to lose weight effectively and will even help with weight loss so to not confuse fat and fat!
Example: Fat fish (sardines, salmon) and also some oils (rapeseed, flax) have a beneficial effect on our body and our line because they contain some omega 3, which could inhibit the formation of fat cells in the body, according to the study published in the "Journal of Nutrition".


Too often overlooked this aspect I meet professionally, systematically and with which my clients have to fight because snacking is the cause of many failures in weight loss.
Because even if some people may eat healthy most of the time, these same people difficult to control their snacking as well the weekend than during the week. That's why my private coaching and my training, I give 4 techniques powerful anti-grignotages and several tips and advice for hijack this phenomenon and finally achieve a permanent weight loss.

Unfortunately, this list is not exhaustive and there are a multitude of other reasons to overweight and obesity such as hormonal disruption, excessive consumption of salt, the lack of effective physical exercise, certain diseases and others.
If you want to go further or contact me, leave a comment below this article and especially share!

Why I eat too much?

When you eat too much while you want to lose weight and lose weight, it is difficult to achieve because of these uncontrollable compulsions that occur due to stress, fatigue, sadness, and other emotional factors.

In a previous article I talked about the food compulsions and why you overeat. I was also talking of the causes and the possibilities to remedy. I also démontrais the choices to no longer be a victim of his compulsions and to eat food as a drug or a tranquilizer:

But can lead to very good results thanks to the acceptance of his emotions.
This is the key to the stop of his troubles that prevents us from losing weight.

eating too much

Why eat a lot too?

To deal with his emotions:

The most difficult step is to deal with her emotions. Rather than throw himself headlong into her refrigerator, closet and to eat anything and everything, dealing with his tantrums is a first step. Let his emotions out, even anger, sadness, crying etc. really let it all out because there is nothing dangerous about it.

But the real question is this: why is it so hard for you to let your emotions out? This is surely not pleasant but we are not talking about risking his life either. Letting his emotions out there is no risk death. If you lock up your feelings for so long, then it will be normal to be afraid to do it someday, but what a relief after!
I had a client who had immense fear of crying and believed that she could never if stop if they left everything out, but who, after doing it, felt relieved of a huge weight. She could then lose weight without any difficulty.

It is the feeling of powerlessness that makes us go straight to the fridge! If you are afraid to go exploring your emotions, it is normal because you already had a sense of failure. As you know by now, if you read the previous articles, emotional hunger is triggered in a reflex way. Something (an event or something else) and you interpret it wrong and fear the worst and you conclude that it's a disaster and you take you to what you can swallow.
There are several ways to feel powerless but there also many ways to turn away from and out of its automation.

Findings of powerlessness in the face of stressful events or issues of your life.

Impotence linked to doubts about yourself:
You feel imcapable to do one thing is you ask then you feel stupid and helpless.

Impotence related to your frustration:
You have a partner who travel a lot for work and feel that you give a lot of yourself and that you sacrifice a part of your life to a person who leaves completely.

Impotence related to homeland security:
You have been assaulted or other forms of abuse in your childhood and could not protect you at this time so you feel your impotence and inability to protect you.

Powerlessness in the face of anger:
You are upset by report an event, a situation, a person and have trouble expressing anger.

Powerlessness in the face of the inner void:
You have no project, you feel empty inside, and the only thing that can fill you up it is the food.

As you can see, the food fills this helplessness and this feeling that you can nothing to deal with this concern.
This flight to the food lets you instantly feel comfortable and filled and puts you in a bubble of temporary protection. But this has consequences on your weight but also on your mood and your overall well-being. Because your overweight amplifies yet this frustration in the long run, slows down your personal fulfillment and you life miserable.

In a future article I'll give techniques so that the food is more a way of escape and cupablitite later. Because if the food fills you up at the time, it becomes like a drug because you become completely dependent on it.

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The food is your tranquilizer?

Often it's just after a problem, stress, or a sense of powerlessness in the face of an event that the craving arises. A few minutes or a few hours after, this emotional hunger will be used to maintain a sense of powerlessness in the face of the life difficulties which we are facing at this very moment.
This isn't really a person, or else the problem causing hunger. But that's what you felt about it.

While working on my program, you'll see under what circumstances you overeat or wrong. For example, with whom, where and when did you feel this hunger. Then you need to be attentive to that and what overwhelms you at these times. With that or when you feel this hunger?
Identify these moments of compulsions is a major step in my education and also a basic starting without which we can not go further and get his ideal weight and shed his pounds.

Identify and analyze to start the weight loss process.

You have to in this step and face things. You highlight something very important. Analyze which affects you, leads you automatically to snacking to relax. Because you are using food as a tranquilizer.
Nobody welcomes with joy of emotions and negative feelings. And to avoid this we are looking to do something else for us deviate from these intense emotions.
One tip is to pretend these emotions were somehow a passenger storm and the storm never lasts. But when he's here, because it is necessary sometimes the storm rumbles and leaves unleashed rain, you should let it pass simply.  In my training and my drizzle, I give several techniques that now happens without going through the box food and snacking.
If you are having trouble accepting this moment to see your negative emotions in the face and to welcome, the food will remain your tranquilizer and so your medication against his emotions that overwhelm you.

The food is a Protection against your negative emotions.

The food serve you to two things:

1 – They will help you to avoid your emotions. So it helps you escape your emotions to not live because they are unpleasant.

2 – It replaces the unpleasant emotions by pleasant experiences.
(see the article on food trance)

To summarize, the food helps you protect yourself from the emotions and feelings that you don't want to live.
But it is precisely these emotions that will cure you of your emotional hungers, compulsive snacking and voracious appetites. These feelings give you the ability to open certain internal problems that must be resolved. While food you closes all possibilities to evolve and only gives solutions emergency, superficial, harmful for your health and your line and in addition prevents you to reflect on possible solutions.


Food compulsions

Food compulsions

The sense of helplessness and snacking.

Many of my clients tell me that they are giving to the snacking uncontrollable at the moment they have almost reached their desired weight. While they had a course perfect to the level of food hygiene and the sport, suddenly they auto-sabotent to approach the achievement of their goal weight.
This is an absurd behavior but at the same time the answer is simple: If all keys are lost, what will you think after? Your real problems? This is scary.
Because one feels helpless in the face of this concern or this unsolved problem. One has the impression that there is no way to change this problem and that is why it is easier to continue to nibble and take the weight. Indeed, this seems simpler than trouble more deep and requiring a long reflection on oneself, his life and his childhood.

But the food unfortunately reinforces this powerlessness. The food goes back to an earlier stage of our development. Especially our children. Stage of our lives or we feel is helplessness and also this feeling of fun food/comfort.
But we're well adults now and we have the choice between:

  • Dare to confront his feelings and managing unpleasant emotions
  • Or even continue to eat and do not lose weight, and keep its overweight

With help and good techniques, it is simple to make the good choices since you are an adult and you know what you want today for you even. In a future article, I'll be back on the sense of loneliness and how feel his emotions and do not block them so that you can lose weight without ever having to struggle with his weight.

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Hunger for weight loss

How to combat hunger to finally lose weight without any frustration?

Hunger makes fail all plans because this feeling of hunger torture us and we often pushes the food compulsions and a bulimia no end of "unauthorized" foods. However, we all know that that eating little and well we will lose weight then why this sense of inability to refrain when hunger keeps us? That's what I'll try to write in this article short but useful to all women who have difficulties a fight against hunger.

What is hunger? It's a feeling interpreted as headache or stomach growls (as happens to me every time that I skipped a meal or the lunch hour arrives). But it can be manifested also by many other signals very various different people.
There is also a big difference between hungry and wanting to eat.

Fight against hunger

Fight against hunger no longer to crack


It's not often that we get to eat something, without for as long as it is a real need for our body.
When you feel this sensation, it is our lack of energy, and to overcome it to continue to do what we need to do in its day. As train, walk, but also think etc.
If we do not eat at this time, we cannot continue our activities normally and we can feel a shot of fatigue or worse fall in apples if our blood sugar is low and you do an intense physical activity.
Hunger usually corresponds to a decline of sugar in the blood, when there is too little, it is rendered by the liver and/or the cells in the blood, to supply our energy body. If there are too many, the sugar will be stored in our cells.
The Agency then sends signals that let us know that we need to renew our food intake.


Then when the hunger is there, what should I do to fight and especially not to crack?


1 – Define if the feeling of hunger is real as for example if you skipped a meal or eat too little food to front. Well he must observe and feel this sensation for a few minutes if this is not just a desire to eat to make up something else. As if hunger is something other than physiological then solutions will be different.


2 – If it is a real hunger then the solution is simple and logical:


Exact! because if your body requires food, give in! Will you not lose weight to keep you eating and resist this hunger if this is actually hungry. Beware, this does not mean to binge anything either to eat up ' to fill the stomach completely under pretext that one has a real hunger.

What should you eat if hunger arises out of the House?

If this is your usual meals then the easiest is to take a piece of fruit, nuts, a little easy snack while waiting for your next meal. In general, drinking a glass of water and an Apple, this feeling of hunger is calmed down enough quickly. So it might be clever to have always a fruit in her bag or a small box of mixed nuts. (hazelnuts, cashews, almonds etc.) Here it is important to eat but eat slowly to bring the feeling of satiety and make them disappear this hunger.

3. if hunger is emotional due to boredom, stress, or anything else, there are several alternatives to foil this hunger, which is often the cause of failure when you want to lose weight. See in a next article all the tricks and solutions for not to fall into this trap! Coming soon!

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How to get the results at 100% to lose fat in the buttocks?

There are several reasons why you n´obtenez not the expected results in your quest to THINNESS and more particularly to the fat loss at the level of the buttocks or stomach.

I quote the 4 reasons why you do not to your goal:

1. You do not have a specific goal: you want to lose fat, ok. But how much fat in %? How are you today? And at what level? And when? Get help if possible for this goal. Be as specific as possible even if it means being ridiculous but you only read this objective anyway. Without lens or with a too vague goal, motivation s´envole quickly and you don't even know if you have a day achieved this goal… So totally demotivating… When you have it, write it on a visible paper everywhere!

Lose weight

How to get a belly firm and muscular?

2. You do not have a realistic goal:
I m´explique: If you want to lose fat all over the body but you weigh 100 kg, you have fat everywhere and for a long time and that your goal is to look like a model of fitness (see picture) then your goal is totally unrealistic.  Replace it at a feasible level you can reach. Otherwise it will be impossible and will remain only a dream. If you have 30% of fat and you want to get to 25% in 3 months so this is possible with discipline and motivation.

3. You don't have any smart PLAN. If you want to lose fat, and you have no plan or you don't know how going to do to eliminate this fat, then you are doomed to failure in advance… Any objective requires an action plan and without it you cannot follow or anything your evolution. Assured failure. A plan can be done with assistance by a qualified professional or a friend or only search the Internet. For FAT: a diet, a staff trainer coach, a dietician can help you intelligently, this will give you so chances d´y happen.

4. Despite all this if your goal is not your priority then you there will not arrive either, it really must be your priority in the life of every day. In absolutely everything that you do, you should ask yourself this question: what I'm doing now brings closer me to my goal or leave away from it? Example: If Sunday you're tired and you stay home all day, you must keep in mind your goal and ask you if this will help to bring closer you to your goal or to

Goal lose weight

Goal: lose weight

to get away from. If the answer is no then don't do it. You go out and do exercise l´: market, race, no matter. Do what brings closer you to your goal and you l´atteindrez faster than you think.