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Wife and mother fascinated by movement and body, I practice since very young dance, fitness and gymnastics.

I grew up on the French Riviera. At the end of my studies at the CREPS of Boulouris, I started my interest in the transformation of the body and its infinite possibilities. It is therefore natural that I’m also passionate for dietary and sports nutrition.

I made my first steps as prof of fitness and dance in the centers of discounts in the form such as MOVING clubs and many other club and associations in Europe.

At the time, many of my customers wanted to lose weight at any price. On the Côte d’Azur and Saint-Tropez including, the physics plays a very important role. It reflects your success or your failure in society.

But what credibility I had to give my customers real advice while I was overweight and I therefore did not correspond to the physical that they wished to get?

I went from 5 to 10 kg in too much with the plans.

Become coach to lose weightAt this time that I started my battle by making the diets and schemes of all kinds, and the practice of intensive sport to get rid of those extra pounds.

After a quick finding of my failures, fed up with doing the yoyo, the resumption of the pounds fast and seeing that it wasn’t the solution, I about dropped and decided that I would stay with my 10 kg in too all my life. Being dissatisfied with my body, I still wanted to be happy.

I then started to read lots of books on the ability of the brain, NLP and training in personal development.

And strangely it is at that moment that I started to lose weight, without well aware me of what I was doing.

Then I started to give these tips to my customers. Although sceptical at the beginning, they have quickly been delighted in seeing the results.

So I took the decision to involve more people and to disseminate more widely a SIMPLE SOLUTION to lose finally all the extra pounds. This blog was born.

This isn’t a magic solution but I believe unlimited a person power and its ability to lose weight or to do what she wants from his body.

The thought is productive.

Love is the greatest of the powers.

And it is with self-love and my thoughts that j´ai managed to let go my extra pounds.

The capacity of our brain and our hearts are much larger than is believed.

Beyond appearances..

Lose weight and motivate his entourageOften criticized my job under pretext to be superficial or too on the physical access.

However, what I would like to know is that an overweight and badly in his skin woman is unable to speak with authenticity, as she would like.

Impossible for a being that is ugly or too big to express its full beauty and its potential in every other area of his life.

Lose weight or gain access to the body of her dreams gives this self-confidence necessary to shatter her inner and outer beauty.

And with my help anyone is able d´y reach easily.

For more info about my journey d you can read my digital book on amazon « Lose weight in 4 steps » or contact me by email by clicking here

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